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Anticipating and Building the Future. SHA3

With ICOs and Ethereum based ERC20 tokens like Ripple coming under ‘Securities’ investigation, maybe the only honest cryptocurrency has been Maxcoin, even the ‘Bitcoin community’ was ripped apart which in turn has led to multiple blockchain forks. 

Maxcoin offers something different, as a unique cryptocurrency that offers a wide pallet of advanced features and security protocols, it came before the massive boom of private run ICOs, looking to make a quick profit on the backs of curious developers and investors. 

Maxcoin has evolved and come along way over the years, which is the key to any successful adventure. Join the conversation!

The current core community has been spearheaded by David Serrano link since early 2017.

With David and a core group of developers, programmers & artists working together with anyone who wants to learn and is interested in how the technology works, individual & combined contributions have brought Maxcoin and it’s unique characteristics into the spotlight.

No ICO, No Advertising, No Donations, No Fund Raising, No Bounties, No Airdrops. We do not want your money.

Current community contribution has currently brought us a desktop wallet for all major operating systems, with an independent mobile and lite wallet in development

The only thing the community of Maxcoin want from you is your time and contribution, as this is the most valuable asset you can invest.

Maxcoin is also hard to accurately valuate, as many experts put it between $5 – $500, but that conversation is short sighted. The details that needs to be addressed are as follows:

When will legal proceedings force companies who’s tokens violate securities laws and lack utility to close operations; What does this news mean for Ethereum, as it was the first ever to be ICO launched; will this news massively reduce the overall cryptocurrency market size or diverse into reliable coins like Maxcoin and Bitcoin.